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2019 Competitors

New Brunswick Teams:

Men’s Triples

Brian Myers, Harry Burlock, David Tripp

Cyril Landry, Jerry Kirkpatrick, John Spencer

Women’s Triples

Gloria McLaughlin, Patricia Albert, Eleanor Murray

Debbie Boudreau, Marilyn Taylor, Krisann Spencer

Men’s Pairs

Kevin Phillips, Joe Briggs

Pat Beggs, Walter Steeves

Women’s Pairs

Ann Cliché, Jean Banham

Jenny Myers, Linda Tripp

Nova Scotia Teams:

Men’s Triples

Cameron LeFresne, Braeden Campbell, Mike Stewart

Cory Boudreau, John Siteman, Raymond MacDonald

Women’s Triples

Kathy Myketyn, Charmaine Cameron, Kay Cormier

Tammy Foster-Veinot, Debbie Foster, Jackie Foster

Men’s Pairs

Terry O’Neil, Phil Balcom

Doug McLearn, Steve Bezanson

Women’s Pairs

Kelly Moore, Dorothy Graham

Ann Marie Siteman, Vicky Balcom


Men’s Triples

Scott Spence, Charlie Reid, Foch McNally

Brian White, Jim Fry, Brad, Brad Voision (N.S. playing for PEI)

Women’s Triples

Etta Reid, Myrna Sanderson, Myrna Craswell

Carolyn Crockett, Janette Fraser, Debbie Birt

Men’s Doubles

Paul Young, Joe Martell

Mark Robar, Jim Granville (N.S. playing for PEI)

Women’s Doubles

Amy Spence, Brenda Carr

Carolyn Ulch, Joanne Guilderson (N.S. playing for PEI)

Quebec Teams

Men’s Triples

John Devlin, Mike Doskas, Chris Hoodspith

Patrick Desranleau, Minder Uhba, Ram Ramgulam

Women’s Triples

Voula Vassilounis, Muffin Hoodspith, Gail Routley

Faye Hossack, Carolyn McGarr, Denise Stoijda

Men’s Pairs

Henry Fung, Mike Parise

Andy Wepruk, Maurice Beauchamp

Women’s Pairs

Donna LeBlanc, Diane Beauregard

Susan Hill, Anne Morissette