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Atlantic Bowls Tournament Rules

Any situation not covered by the following and not under the jurisdiction of the Umpire (s) will be resolved by the Games Committee of the host Province.

1. The rules of play shall be those of Bowls Canada as contained in the "Laws of the Games" except as noted below.

2. Events will be held in the Men's and Ladies Pairs ( 4 bowls) and Triples (3 bowls)

3. (a) Play will be single round robin.

(b) Bars will be awarded : Gold, Silver, and Bronze at the end of the Round Robin Play ( before any play-offs if needed.)

4. Points will be awarded on the following basis.: Win = 3 points Tie = 1 point

5. (a) All games will consist of 14 ends. In case of three or more teams tied at the end of Round Robin Play, there will be a flip of a coin to see who will get the bye and who will play in the first match.

(b) In case of a tie for the "Sid Currie Memorial Trophy", the winner will be determined by the aggregate system "shots for divided by shots against."

(c) Play off games will be maximum 10 ends, no time limit.

(d) Single Respot Rule shall apply.

6. The following has been passed.

(a) Pairs will be limited to 2 hours. Triples will be limited to 2 hours and 15 minutes.

(b) There will be a warning bell half way through each game and a warning bell will be rung 5 minutes before game ends. If an end has been started before the warning bell, it may be finished.

(c) In case of delay in the start of the game by a team being absent: after a delay of 10 minutes , a score of three points for the first end shall be awarded to the opposing team. After 15 minutes, from the start time the game will be defaulted and awarded to the opposing team.

(d) Deliberate delay during a game: a warning shall be given by the Games Marshal and the designated umpire. If a second warning is necessary, the guilty team shall default the game.

7. Each Provincial Team shall consist of 20 players in total; 2 teams in each category.(10 male and 10 female)

8. (a)No substitutes will be permitted except in exceptional circumstances; the Games Committee shall decide. If a substitute is required, it must be from the province involved if possible.

(b) A substitute becomes a permanent member of the team after the substitute plays two (20 or more games for the same team. (revised Sept. '05)

(c) Provinces requiring substitute teams, if no representatives from province on team, they will forfeit points on "Sid Currie" Aggregate Trophy.

9. All teams are to register with the Tournament Chairperson at least one half hour before their event.

10. Rained out rule; in case of severe weather conditions, the Games Committee shall decide. If a game is called before half time due to weather conditions, remaining time will be rescheduled and the game completed. If the game is called after half time the game will be deemed completed.

11. (a) Provincial colors or white may be worn, accessories are optional in color.

(b) Footwear must comply with national standards, or at host club's discretion.

12. Games Committee to consist of Atlantic Bowls President or Designate, Host Committee Chair, Greens Chair/Chief Umpire.