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2019 Results - Prince Edward Island

After a busy and hard fought weekend where a hurricane wrecked havoc, we finally yesterday came to the conclusion of another Atlantic Bowls Championship! With the medals handed out- it was another great win for the home side as Team Nova Scotia took home the Sid Currie Memorial Trophy as the overall event champions! Congratulations to all the medalists! Thanks to the Dartmouth Lawn Bowls Club for overcoming crazy odds and making this tournament a huge success!


Women’s Pairs-

Gold- Quebec B (Susan Hill, Anne Morissette)

Silver- Nova Scotia B (Ann Marie Siteman, Vicki Balcom, Debbie Tower- sub)

Bronze- Nova Scotia A (Kelly Moore, Dot Graham)

Men’s Pairs-

Gold- Prince Edward Island B (Mark Robar, Jim Granville)

Silver- Nova Scotia B (Steve Bezanson, Doug McLearn

Bronze- Nova Scotia A (Terry O’Neil, Phil Balcom)

Women’s Triples-

Gold- Nova Scotia B (Tammy Foster-Veniot, Debbie Foster, Jackie Foster)

Silver- Quebec A

Bronze- Nova Scotia A (Kathy Myketyn, Charmaine Cameron, Kay Cormier)

Men’s Triples-

Gold- Nova Scotia A (Cameron LeFresne, Braeden Campbell, Mike Stewart)

Silver- Nova Scotia B (Cory Boudreau, John Siteman, Raymond MacDonald)

Bronze- Quebec A (John Devlin, Mike Doskas, Chris Hoodspith)

Overall Event Champions (Sid Currie Trophy)- Nova Scotia