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Welome to Atlantic Bowls, a tournament that features elite bowlers from all over Atlantic Canada. Introduced in 1972, this tournament includes Men's and Ladies Pairs and Triples.

Atlantic Bowls originally included teams from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Newfoundland came on board in the early 90's but later withdrew because of decreased member participation. In 2007 Quebec was invited to join.  The four provinces alternate hosting the Atlantic Bowls tournament.  Nova Scotia hosted in 2019.  Games were cancelled in 2020. 


The  Atlantic Bowls Host province made a decision to limit the 2021 tournament to triples only. This decision was made based upon uncertainty of provinces being able to hold play downs for both events and therefore not being able to field full teams. It was felt that having a trimmed down version of Atlantic Bowls was better than cancelling the event all together.  The tournament was held September  10,11,12 in Fredericton NB. 

The 49th Atlantic Bowls  will be hosted by the province of Quebec in 2022.